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About Us
We are a Limited Liability Corporation, owned and operated in Clarksville, Tennessee. Our current staff has over 50 years of combined auction involvement. Since 1999, we have been involved primarily with online auctions.

In 2007, Terry Niles, our founder, became a recognized Online Auction Specialist. While working in the Midwest, he met George Noordhoek, an Auction Security Specialist. After George relocated to Tennessee, they decided to open in another location. Clarksville jumped to the top of the list as a vibrant, growing, technologically adept community.

Since 2011, and still today, LASTBIDonline LLC prides itself for its role in consignment auctions, business liquidations, and asset redeployment through the use of our LASTBIDonline.com website. We provide the means for you to personally inspect all items prior to bidding. We eliminate the question of whether or not items are going to sell.

The final value is determined by the bidders.

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